Jio Brings High Speed Internet revolution to Kerala villlages

Although not yet launched commercially, Reliance Jio started its 4G mobile services all over India during 2015 December. But it was only for their employees.  Now (since May 2016), you can get a 4G sim when you buy a LYF

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Check your Broadband speed

Check your Broadband speed Do you know what’s the speed you are actually achieving on your broadband connection? Is your Internet service provider is giving you the promised bandwidth? Check it out here. Check your broadband speed The average broadband

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How To Enhance Photos In Your Blog

Photography for Blog

When capturing an image, the view of the photographer is inadequate to catch everything since it is only dependent on the frame of his camera. To make each image look good, you have to make sure all the elements you want to take a picture of is inside the frame. At the same time, you want to omit the ones you don’t want to include in the photo. It would be funny to post photos with headless individuals or a disgusting image that will ruin your blog.