Check your Broadband speed

Check your Broadband speed

broadband speed test

Do you know what’s the speed you are actually achieving on your broadband connection? Is your Internet service provider is giving you the promised bandwidth? Check it out here. Check your broadband speed

The average broadband speed of the world is 16.25 MB per sec,but in India it is only around 2 MB per sec. If you look at the world scene Korea is making tremendous improvements in broadband speeds.

India is expected to increase its average peak broadband speed in leaps and bounds soon, as Reliance Jiyo is going to launch its 4G services across India. Reliance jiyo is going to provide both mobile broadband and wired broadband and they promise speeds of upto 100MBPS.

The top four places in the world, ranked by their average peak connection speeds, were in Asia. Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Singapore had the fastest broadband, in that order, according to the study. With Taiwan placing eighth, Asia made up half of the top 10.

Nearly all of the major Asian markets improved their peak speeds by at least 12 per cent compared with the previous year. Indonesia was the only one that dropped – a 30 per cent decrease to 9.7 Mbps, putting it at 115th. India is the only major Asian market that came in behind Indonesia, with an average peak speed of 9 Mbps. China’s 11.3 Mbps average wasn’t enough to break into the top 100, either.

The top 20 places to find the world’s fastest internet:

  1. Hong Kong, 65.4 Mbps
  2. South Korea, 63.6 Mbps
  3. Japan, 52 Mbps
  4. Singapore, 50.1 Mbps
  5. Israel, 47.7 Mbps
  6. Romania, 45.4 Mbps
  7. Latvia, 43.1 Mbps
  8. Taiwan, 42.7 Mbps
  9. Netherlands, 39.6 Mbps
  10. Belgium, 38.5 Mbps
  11. Switzerland, 38.4 Mbps
  12. Bulgaria, 37 Mbps
  13. United States, 37 Mbps
  14. Kuwait, 36.4 Mbps
  15. United Arab Emirates, 36 Mbps
  16. Britain, 35.7 Mbps
  17. Canada, 34.8 Mbps
  18. Czech Republic, 34.8 Mbps
  19. Macau, 34.4 Mbps
  20. Sweden, 33.1 Mbps

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