Experience Luxury on Rails: Discover the Top Indian Railway Trains Offering First AC Accommodations in Kerala

Which trains run through Kerala or start service from Kerala have First AC? Which of them has the first AC coupe? Those who know tell me...

Indian Railways Trains passing through or originating from Kerala that offer First AC accommodations

  1. Thiruvananthapuram Central – Chennai Mail 12624
    Chennai – Thiruvananthapuram Central Mail 12623
  2. Alappuzha – Chennai Central SF Express 22640
    Chennai Central SF Express – Alappuzha 22639
  3. Chennai Central – Mangaluru Central Mail 12601
    Mangaluru Central Chennai Central Mail 12602
  4. Malabar Express 16629
    Thiruvananthapuram Central –> Mangaluru Central
    Malabar Express 16630
    Mangaluru Central –> Thiruvananthapuram Central
  5. West Coast SF Express – Mangalore to Chennai Central 22638
    Mangalore to Chennai Central – West Coast SF Express 22637
  6. Thiruvananthapuram Central – Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin 12431
    Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin – Thiruvananthapuram Central 12432
  7. Thiruvananthapuram Central – Chennai Central 12696
    Chennai Central – Thiruvananthapuram Central 12695
  8. Ernakulam – Mumbai LTT Duronto Express 12224
    Mumbai LTT – Ernakulam Duronto Express 12223
  9. Ernakulam – Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto Express 12283
    Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin – Ernakulam Duronto Express 12284
  10. KSR Bengaluru – Kanniyakumari Express 16526
    Kanniyakumari – KSR Bengaluru Express 16525
  11. Chennai Central – Thiruvananthapuram Central SUPER AC Express 22207
    Thiruvananthapuram Central – Chennai Central SUPER AC Express 22208
  12. Alappuzha – Dhanbad Express 13352
    Dhanbad – Alappuzha Express 13351
  13. Kochuveli – Amritsar SF Express 12483
    Amritsar – Kochuveli -SF Express 12484
  14. Chennai Egmore – Mangaluru Central Express 16159
    Mangaluru Central – Chennai Egmore Express 16160
  15. Mangaluru Central – Chennai Central SF Express 12686
    Chennai Central – Mangaluru Central SF Express 12685

    More about 1A – First Class AC in Indian Railways

1. This class represents the highest tier in train fare, with prices comparable to those of air travel.
2. The AC First Class carriage includes eight cabins, two of which are coupes, in the full coach, and three cabins, one of which is a coupe, in the half coach.
3. An attendant is available on board to assist passengers with their needs.
4. This air-conditioned carriage is only found on frequently traveled routes and has the capacity to transport 18 passengers in a full coach or 10 in a half coach.
5. The berths provided for sleep in this class are remarkably wide and spacious.
6. These carriages are outfitted with carpeting and sleeping facilities, and they also offer private features such as personal coupes.

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