How To Enhance Photos In Your Blog

Photography for Blog

Pictures are essential to every blog posts nowadays. The principal factor for blog quality has been enhanced not just to the article text itself but it also goes to the photos attached to it. Actually, few bloggers are determined to learn the art of photography to the point that they act as photographers in several occasions.

Clear, well-composed images help make a blog post look more interesting. Naturally, talent and trainings are expected in photography and also for the equipment that you’ll be using. But it’s not doomsday for those bloggers who doesn’t have the right equipment to use. Even with just a simple camera, they can also get ahead as long as they have a little bit of knowledge.

Photography for Blog
Photography for Blog

Capture the right angle

When capturing an image, the view of the photographer is inadequate to catch everything since it is only dependent on the frame of his camera. To make each image look good, you have to make sure all the elements you want to take a picture of is inside the frame. At the same time, you want to omit the ones you don’t want to include in the photo. It would be funny to post photos with headless individuals or a disgusting image that will ruin your blog.

It’s common to find a mess in a certain image.It’s tough to organize these particular element most especially if you are trying to take pictures in public areas such as markets or parks. But the good news is that the clutter can be fixed when it goes well with the subject. However, if you are featuring a specific product, the clutter must be detached. You want your readers’ attention to go towards the subject right away. Blurring unwanted clutter or cropping the subject using a photo editing software is also an effective solution.

Proper photo arrangement

Given that you have already decided on the subject to use, it’s time to show your artistic talent. In the field of photography, there’s an extensive photo arrangement technique for the experts which they normally practice. It’s called the ‘Rule of Thirds’. The concept is to divide the direction of the angle into imaginary 3×3 segments. Then, when you take your picture, you position your subjects in the areas where the image is divided. There’s probably some science behind this because the end result is an image with a pleasing proportion.

There are various possible ways to enjoy image composition. Other photographers capture images using numerous angles, while some have props to improve a certain image. It really depends on how you want to present your subject. Common pictures wherein subjects are seen in the middle are no longer interesting. Travel photographers, as an example, captures a beautiful scenery in different angles where it can produce a lot of meaning.

Discover the abilities of your camera

Modern cameras, as well as cellular phone cameras, have the ability to instantly take photos. Some users are not dependent on instruction manuals and they immediately take photos. However, this practice is not advisable because you tend to ignore the superb functions of your camera. Before you capture images for your blog, make sure that you check the settings of your camera for daytime pictorials. Make use of macro setting if your plan is to capture a focused image; zoom in or out; regulate the level of exposure if it is possible in your camera; set it to night mode if it’s a night pictorial. Cameras are not alike so it’s essential to to discover its strengths and weaknesses. If still unsuccessful, use the photo editing software to correct the images.


Blogging has advanced from the ordinary online diary. So, now that you know how to improve your blog photos, you can go back to writing quality articles. The outcome will surely be at par with that of veteran bloggers.

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