Advantages Of Electronic Health Record Software Over Standard Filing Methods

Electronic Health Record Software

Most health care organizations and offices have shifted to an electronic health record system because of its many benefits over the traditional filing system. Many health care specialists are discovering that this type of system is much easier to use once the transition from the traditional filing system has taken place. Doctors and other health care workers can gain access to medical records and files quickly, designate security levels to various files, and easily check the files for errors.

Electronic health record software is much easier to access since people no longer have to travel down to a file room and sort through hundreds or thousands of different records. Using a secure terminal or computer anywhere in the office or the network, doctors and other health care professionals can easily access the files that they need. Rather than having to spend time looking for files, they can quickly access and make changes to the files that they want. Doctors can then spend additional time with the patients that they have or see additional patients because they have more time.

If files can be found as hard copies then it is possible for individuals to access them even when they don’t have the proper authorization to do so. All files are also kept together, and anyone who has access to the files will have access to all of the files as opposed to just the ones that pertain to them. Some health care professionals do not always have access to all parts of the patient’s file, since they are given different levels of security. Some employees only have clearance to view certain files, or they may need an access code to look at them, and this can all be managed with software. Records can’t be filed incorrectly or put in the incorrect place because they are stored in an electronic format.

With the electronic health record process, mistakes can be located and fixed almost immediately which is another advantage of this type of system over the traditional filing system. There have been times when a medicine has been prescribed to a patient in error because a doctor accidentally overlooked something in the patient’s file. Electronic prescribing software decreases the incidents of these errors because the system will automatically alert the doctor if there are any negative interactions between drugs. The program that is utilized will act as a back-up in case something is missed or overlooked.

Some of the primary advantages to electronic health record software would be that doctors can easily and safely access the files for their patients. Errors with medical and prescription information are also reduced with this type of system. Many medical practices have transitioned to this type of software since it is easy to use.

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