How To Make An Interesting Blog

Lack of personality is usually to blame when a blog loses its spunk. So bloggers have to include their individuality in order to produce emotions on their blog. Whether you’re a personal blogger or a corporate blogger, it’s important that your blog posts have a real human feeling to it so that readers can find a connection to the messages that you’re trying to get across.

Write what you feel like writing and try not to imitate the style of other bloggers. Write like you are just having a usual conversation with someone. It’s the best way to make it sound natural. Many readers are able to identify if the blogger is exaggerating things on their blog and uses other spoofs in order to create funny stories.

Bryant Park, late Apr 2009 - 21
Ed Yourdon / Foter / CC BY-SA

By being true to yourself, you will have a smooth flow on your blog and get the interest of your followers. For pet bloggers, how about imparting to your readers why you prefer to have a certain kind of pet to take care of than merely discuss about pets? Travel bloggers can share something more than the usual scenic photographs, like maybe a peek into the contents of your backpack.

Every now and then, let your audience in on what’s going on in your life. Did you just move to another state? Have you enjoyed the food there? Did you spend the holidays with your loved ones? Being able to express some emotions on your blog can create a mark on your readers. Just don’t go overboard and give out more information you’re not comfortable with.

One helpful tip in blogging is to create topics where you can easily express yourself.Don’t be afraid to show your quirks in your writing because that’s who you really are. A blog, after all, is an open journal made exactly for self expression. You can express yourself in any way like when you write blogs better in a comic way. Showing your inner feeling builds a character on your blog.

Bloggers who still remain anonymous on their blogs should try to open up a little bit. People generally like to read about real life stories told by real people. Put up an ‘About Me’ section on your blog where you can tell your readers a little bit about yourself. Sharing some parts of your life would create a relationship between you and your readers. In this, readers will come to know the character of the blogger and would develop likeness to follow your future blogs.

A blogger who consider emotions and knows how to share his own experiences would add flavor to his blog. It makes the blog more exciting, realistic and extra ordinary than the other usual write ups. Without those emotions, the blog posts will not capture the reader’s interest.

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