How To Make Your Blog Stand Out

There are so many blogs out there covering all sorts of topics – some personal, some general, some helpful, some interest-based – on and on it goes and the list grows exponentially everyday. Bloggers can write about the same things, but there will always be that one blog that stands out from the rest of the bunch.

So what sets a blog apart from the run of the mill types? We can call it the blog ‘x-factor’. Much like a performer who deserves a standing ovation, blogs can also have this quality.

Here are 5 things you can do to make your blog noteworthy:

1. Create your own voice. Just like famous authors, bloggers can also have their own signature voice. So how do you sound when you talk to others in print? More importantly, how would you like to sound?

Creating a voice gives a blog character. Some prefer to be personal as if writing on their private journal, others write in a conversational tone as if talking to a friend. There are also those who write in a matter-of-fact manner like a mentor to a student.

Write as as if you are personally speaking to your reader – it will surely bring out your natural voice. The blog will sound more natural that way. Many readers are able to tell if bloggers are faking it. It proves that the blogger is real. A style may work for one blogger, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for others, too.

2. Use humor. Blogs need not be entirely serious – that’s what separates it from news articles and fiction pieces. But even a detailed explanation of how you converted your gas guzzling car to run on water may not entice readers to finish your piece.

Bloggers need to go the extra mile to be remembered – you can choose to give more information or just present things in a satisfactory way. Humor is easier to serve to all types of audiences. Laughter is an international language so write about funny events, add punchlines to your paragraphs or share a funny image to your readers.

3. Spice up your storytelling. Showcase your story in an innovative way. A blog becomes memorable through the blogger’s storytelling skill. Don’t let your story fall into the been-there-done-that types. Look for different ways to spice up your narrative, without exaggerating things.

Sprinkle general topics with your personal input to make the piece yours. Take your audience with you as you cite real-life instances. You don’t need to memorize your thesaurus to get your audience’s attention, just write from your heart.

There are also unorthodox ways to write which you can try. There are bloggers out there who experiment with with unusual storytelling ways like posting in reverse chronology, open-letter style and suspense novel types. Entries as different as those would guarantee a second look.

4. Add stunning images. Blogging to photography is like coffee to milk. A blog becomes more alive when photos are added to it.

Everybody can take photos, even kids! Some good blogs actually survive with just a camera phone. The important thing is to have relevant images with the text. Tutorial posts are more easier to follow when step-by-step images are presented.

5. Consider your audience when you write. You’ll get a different answer each time you ask somebody why they blog. Some do it out of passion, others are money-driven. What ever the case may be, always be true to yourself and your readers.

As a blog becomes well-known, more offers for advertising, guest posts and sponsored posts arrive. To keep the quality of your blog content consistent, avoid posting sponsored posts consecutively because this may turn off your readers.

Another thing that you’d most likely encounter on the way to popularity is SEO (search engine optimization). Some SEO techniques might require you to meddle a little bit with your writing technique. It’s not really a bad thing as long as you don’t overdo it.

A literature degree is not necessary to have a noteworthy blog. The blogger’s authenticity and creativity shines when a blog stands out.

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