Protect the Earth by Organic Living

Not many people are aware about what the planet is going through. Everybody keeps complaining about the extreme heat but have you tried to understand what causes this heat known as Global Warming. There are various reasons for the temperature of the earth getting hotter day by day which are the results of both natural and human causes. One main cause for Global Warming is increase in greenhouse gases, which is mainly due to activities by man. It is thus the duty of every individual to do things that do not cause emission of greenhouse gases, so as to save the planet. One way you can contribute towards protecting the earth, is by Organic Living.

Vazhikkannu- A good initiative by Manorama

Malayala Manorama has started a good Road safety initiative to spread awareness on the importance of Road safety . At the same time it will get the necessary attention of the Government authorities to make the Roads safer for all

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