Protect the Earth by Organic Living

Not many people are aware about what the planet is going through. Everybody keeps complaining about the extreme heat but have you tried to understand what causes this heat known as Global Warming. There are various reasons for the temperature of the earth getting hotter day by day which are the results of both natural and human causes. One main cause for Global Warming is increase in greenhouse gases, which is mainly due to activities by man. It is thus the duty of every individual to do things that do not cause emission of greenhouse gases, so as to save the planet. One way you can contribute towards protecting the earth, is by Organic Living.

Earth Full South Pacific © by FlyingSinger

Organic living is switching to sustainable living, eating organic foods and using eco friendly products. Sustainable living is making various changes in your life by going green, to reduce carbon footprint. There are many ways by which you can make these changes in your day to day activities, such as stop using plastic bags, change from conventional energy to solar energy to light up your home and office and also to operate various electronic appliances and gadgets, have your own vegetable garden, which is healthy and money saving, use hybrid cars and most important of all follow the principles of the three ‘R’s which are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Reduce as much waste as possible which creates landfills, reuse items which can be reused instead of discarding them and buy recycled goods.

Organic Radishes © by ilovebutter

Organic living is switching over to organic foods. Many people hesitate to buy organic foods because they are more expensive, without trying to understand that conventional foods are grown using harmful fertilizers and pesticides, and the livestock’s are injected with powerful and dangerous growth hormones, which are harmful to our health and which increases the risk of many diseases, and the need has come to eat food which are healthy, produced naturally and ecological friendly. If you are health conscious, the next time you go shopping, make sure you go straight to the organic section where you will find a number of organic items like organic fruits and vegetable, organic dairy products, organic chicken and eggs etc. You can also take care of your baby’s health by choosing organic baby products. By switching to organic foods, you can be assured of long, healthy and disease free life, even if you have to shell out some extra money from your pocket!!!