Secretariat file Tracking System

Top Selling Desktop Computers Government of Kerala has implemented file tracking system online. Search option enables you to find out the current status of Petition / Tapal / File in Govt. Secretariat. Government initiated the process of digitizing the movements

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The Best Mode To Communicate

communicate better

A free webcam chat allows you to enjoy limitless interaction with your family, close friends, relatives and even colleagues. One of the most successful sectors is outsourcing team members since this will enable you to get the best staff with diverse qualifications and educational achievement

Baby Diaper Cakes Are A Hit During Baby Showers!

There are several creative and fun concepts that you can include in the baby shower. Many of them don’t have to be expensively purchased in a mall or specialty retail outlet, because they are simple to make at home. Apart

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Birth Certificates online

To obtain birth certificate and death certificate online in Kerala is not so difficult as you imagine. Although the website providing this service is very badly done and its looks like we have travelled back in time to year 2000,

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DataOne usage SMS alerts

Bharat Sanchar Nigam has a new service in offer by which you can get sms alerts of your DataOne Broadband Usage every week to your registered mobile number You can register to get the alerts at this URL do

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