Bridges needed in Kollengode, Palakkad

kollengode road over bridge and rail over bridge

The need for an over-bridge is felt due to traffic jam at Oottara, near the Kollengode Railway Station. I have read many news reports on the railway gate in the Kollengode – Palakkad road, which is one of the busiest roads in the district get chocked especially at peak hour times even with limited train service in the Palakkad – Pollachi railway section.

This was a pertinent issue for the road users at the time of M.G era too. Since this railway section is going to accommodate much number of trains especially very long hauling freight trains ( already running such long Goods Trains) sooner or later, it is desirable to have an over-bridge at Oottara instead of the existing level crossing.
Further due to proximity to the Kollengode railway station, many express trains and goods trains that wait in the signal will obstruct the road as the length of such trains certainly go beyond the level crossing!

Also the road bridge across the Gayathri River ( near Ootara, between Oootara and Kollengode town) is identified as in a dilapidated condition ten years’ back and the Lorry Traffic with the load weight above 10 tonnes was banned ( of course, still all trucks pass through in the absence of any checking the weight etc. by authorities) .

This decades-old monumental bridge cannot be retained; a new bride has to be constructed by the P.W.D at the earliest. Very unfortunate that people’s representatives from this enclave have not initiated for getting things done at their constituency!!!

kollengode palakkad railway station

Written by Madan Menon Thottasseri

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