Top 10 Places To Visit In Kerala

Kerala is known as “Gods own country” and it is because of the beautiful lush greenery, the white sandy sea beaches along coastal areas and the sturdy mountain ranges that are covered with a variety of flora and fauna. A visitor to Kerala would definitely find many attractions to make any vacation one of the best in the world. Backwaters and lagoons have woven the rich green fields and enchanting landscapes into the cultural and historical monuments that are an enduring reflection of the rich history and heritage that Kerala is known for.


Top 10 places to visit in kerala
Top 10 places to visit in kerala

Some of the best tourist spots are spread along the length and breadth of Kerala but you may find a few here that could help you decide on your itinerary.

  • Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary:
    Trekking along the sanctuary will enlighten you in such a divine manner as you get up, close and personal with the wild life which till now you might have only heard or read about. A boat ride to the sanctuary   is one of the most enchanting experiences as you tend to prepare yourself for the wild sights that you can experience when you see the elephants in all their royalty and elegant grace.
  • The City Of Kochi :
    more aptly named the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea” is located on the West Coast of India and has a number of tourist’s attractions that a single day is not enough. Known as the commercial capital of Kerala, the city is a reflection of the past mirrored in the present and you can see a perfect amalgamation of the past history mingling with the vibrant present. The various cultures of the Dutch, the Jews and the Portuguese exist along with the natives. Temples, mosques, churches and synagogues are almost located together with no demarcations of any sort.  The largest lake in Kerala the Vembanad kayal is a quiet observer as the hustle and bustle of the city pass by.Monsoon Clouds Over Kochi
    photo credit: Koshyk
  • Kottayam :
    is a city of Kotas or forts as the name suggests and the various forts located in the city make it a ‘must see’ feature in any vacation itinerary of Kerala. The lagoons along with the rubber estates and more importantly the hub of learning and knowledge make Kottayam a place rich in culture and heritage. Apart from the different forts, you have the various churches and temples that you can visit.
  • Palakkad
    is more known as the extension of Thrissur the cultural capital of Kerala. A number of well known writers, authors, poets and musicians have their origins in Palakkad. The fort of Tippu Sultan is a huge attraction for tourists. The Malampuzha Dam, the Silent Valley and the Neliampathy forests are some of the main attractions. The Jain Temple located in Palakkad is one of its kinds in Kerala.
  • palakkad
  • The Bekel Kota :
    is a unique tourist attraction as it has some of the first attached to its name. Firstly it has a crocodile that is supposed to be more than 150yrs old and secondly the Ananthapura temple that is located in the fort is the only temple in Kerala to be situated on a lake
  • Munnar Hill Station :
    is a sublime experience located in the midst of the Kanan Devan Hills.  Primarily full of tea estates, the hill station is also home to many reservoirs, dams, lakes and other tourist attractions. Apart from the natural beauty there are the various state of the art farms like the diary farms and tea factories that are great to visit.
  • Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary :
    is probably the only place that showcases the wildlife that exists in the planet as close to reality as possible. Totally in their natural habitat, the wild character of the wild life can be seen. Located in the middle of the lake it is indeed an adventure to see the animals and be a part of it as you can really trek right up to the heart of the sanctuary.
  • Kumarakom:
     is heaven on earth in Gods Own Country and nothing can surpass the peace and tranquility that you experience in the houseboats of Kumarakom. Known as the Venice of the East because of the houseboats which are made of bamboo and stunningly traditional décor and ambience, the holiday package includes traditional Ayurvedic treatments, typical Kerala cuisine and essential Kerala culture extended in the form of the programs and performances.
  • Thrissur :
    is known as the cultural capital of Kerala as some of the great artistes and performers are from here. Besides this, the presence of two great temples where the Thrissur Pooram, takes place is a symbol of the greatness of the city. The temple festival held every year in the month of April – May, is a tourist attraction by itself as there is no other celebration of such grandeur and magnificence with the inclusion of more than 50 elephants in all its décor in the world over.
  • Thiruvananthapuram:
     the political capital of Kerala and an erstwhile residency of the Royal kingdom. The rulers’ palace still exists and the descendants of the royal family still live in the palace. The Padmanabha Temple is a symbol and reflection of the royalty that existed in the state of Kerala and its importance in the history of the state. There are many other attractions in the form of museums, forts and the zoo.