10 Ways To Reduce Fuel Spending

The fuel price is rocketing and it is affecting the economy. The rise of fuel has an adverse impact on the banking sectors, the airlines leading to a rise in the airfares and alsin-turn increasing the food prices, prices of consumer goods and electricity rates. With the demand more than the supply, the flactuation in the fuel price is affecting the motorists who is really feeling the pain. The price rise is affecting countries around the world. Of course, a reduction in the fuel price is not expected in the near future, and it is quite above the budget of a common man, but you can try to reduce the  fuel consumption and save money. There are various ways by which you can reduce fuel spending.

photo credit: ford8n

People who spend a large percentage of their income on fuel, should try to reduce fuel spending. There are various ways by which this can be achieved. Let’s see a few of them.

#1 –  The first thing you should do is to avoid driving to the nearest points. If your destination is a walkable distance, it is always better to walk, or take a bus. Walking not only helps you to save fuel, but also keeps you healthy.

#2 – Secondly, what you should do is to combine all your journeys. Dropping your children in school, doing shopping, going to the bank etc can be done together, instead of coming back home and going out again. You can also club with other parents of your child’s schoolmates from your area and carpool the trips to school, so that you can avoid daily travel to school. This not only helps you to save fuel, but you can avoid expenses on maintenance.

#3 – Driving slowly, smoothly and turning off your engine when your car is idle for sometime, is a great way to save fuel. So much of petrol is wasted when the engine is kept running unnecessarily.

#4 – Regular maintenance of your car is another way you can save high consumption of fuel. Regular servicing, can really help you a lot.

#5 – Changing of oil regularly,, checking your tyres pressure, and changing your clogged filter, and other ways you can reduce fuel spending.

#6 – While you drive, drive consistently, using higher gears. This helps to reduce petrol consumption, because driving on low gear consumes more petrol.

#7 – Always travel light, because if the vehicle is heavy, the fuel consumption is more.

#8 – Switching on your AC even when the climate is cool outside, should be avoided. Because using AC can increase your fuel consumption. So whenever it is not absolutely necessary, roll down the windows and let the cool breeze in. This is certainly healthy too.

#9 – Always plan your route and your destination before you leave the house. If you are planning to visit someone, make sure you know the address correctly, instead of wasting your fuel going around searching

#10 – And the most important way you can save on fuel is by setting aside fuel budget. This will help you to avoid unnecessary journeys and save fuel.

If all individuals can contribute towards reducing fuel spending, naturally it will have a very positive impact on the economy.