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Advertising For The Long Haul and Not the Short Term Gains

New Age Media Concepts issues its first article of many that will focus on the advertising and marketing industry. "If a young man tells his date she's intelligent, looks lovely, and is a great conversationalist, he's saying the right things to the right person and that's marketing. If the young man tells his date how handsome, smart and successful he is -- that's advertising. If someone else tells the young woman how handsome, smart and successful her date is -- that's public relations." By S.H. Simmons. Welcome to New Age Media Concepts, Inc. where we understand your needs and how to maximize your marketing dollar. Marketing is your strategy for allocating resources (time and money) in order to achieve your objectives. People have their own unique perceptions of the world based on their belief system. The most innovative ideas, the greatest products, or a superior service succeed only when you market within the context of people's perceptions. This is true from something as simple as the pet rock craze of the 1970s to the marketing muscle of Wall Street and the Internet boom of the 1990s. Context can be many things, singly or simultaneously. To name a few, you may market to your customers within the context of their wants, needs, problems solved, or situation improved. Current and potential advertisers need to be aware of many other contexts, such as social and economic trends or governmental regulations. People don't just "buy" a product or a service. They "buy" the concept of what that product will do for them, or help them do for themselves. People just don?t ?buy? a laundry detergent, they buy the perceived notion of what that laundry detergent brand says it can accomplish for them. Otherwise every brand in the supermarket will be a no-frills. This is not to say that if a product fails to meet the customers? expectations that product will be successful in the long haul. No amount of advertising and marketing will help a failed product succeed in that scenario. To have a successful campaign a product or service must understand that they need to start out with something a consumer needs, wants, or improves their situation and that product or service actually does help the consumer for the long haul. The New York Times said it best in a recent article, ?Companies can?t Buy Love with Bargains? Building brand loyalty is more than just hyping the consumer into buying a product, it?s gaining their trust and the trust of their family both today and for years to come. One example of great brand building is H.J. Heinz, (NYSE: HNZ) they have been around for decades and they gained the loyalty and trust of the consumer spanning generations, now that is great brand building. Anyone could hype a brand for short term gains but that doesn?t accomplish the goals of the advertiser or the consumer. It looks good initially but what happens when the product isn?t flying off the shelves any longer and the consumers have lost trust in the product or the company?. Of course you need new and innovative ways to get your message to the consumer but this message has to be geared to building consumer loyalty and not just hype. Even the largest companies make this mistake and pay for it with decreased sales and profit margins. So whether a consumer is buying a car from Ford (NYSE: F) , a can of beer from Anheuser Busch (NYSE:BUD) or software from Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT), the advertiser needs to cater to the needs of the consumer.

Why Most Advertisements Stink!

Question:What do you think the most important part of any ad is?

Wheres Me Pot of Gold and Lucky Charms?

We already know this from our history books. If you want to make money today, you must first look back in time to the first time in history that a large portion of our country all tried to get rich at the same time in the same place. The first discovery of gold was at Sutter's Mill by James W. Marshall in 1948, Mr. Sutter's mill contractor and builder. This discovery sprang thousands upon thousands of ambitious individuals to get rich which we refer to as the "Gold Rush."

Juice - Scam of the Decade or Opportunity of the Century

If you are an ardent web surfer and MLMer like I am, then I am sure you would have seen the sales pitch "Give away free broadband and earn 27 GBP each time".

What?s the Score?

You may be aware that in a basketball game the assistant coaches keep an almost unending list of personal statistics for each player. Rebounds, assists, points, minutes played, etc.

How To Write More Powerful Brochures, Leaflets, And Catalogues

Probably the most interesting thing about brochures and leaflets is that they're seldom read in what we've come to know as the right order - as you would read a book. Rather in the same way that many people read magazines in dentists' waiting rooms, they will flick through brochures and leaflets and stop to take a longer look at bits that grab their attention.

Localized Advertising ? Door-to-Door Ad Distribution on the Fly!

Have you ever had to distribute door-hanger advertisements for your business?

Understanding Internet Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is an effective way of getting your advertising message seen on the Internet. Banner ads should not be your only online form of advertising, but they are an essential part of your online advertising mix.

In Advertising Bigger isn?t Always Better

If you have been following the recent advertising news you will notice that more and more major advertisers are looking to smaller ad agencies to handle their campaigns.

Marketing Lessons I Learned in Chicago this Week...

I was in the fine city of Chicago this week to speak at a marketing conference. And I learned some interesting things:

How Well Do Postcards Work?

How Well Do Postcards Work?Before we get into the "how well" part of this question, let's look at how to measure the success of a postcard mailing. APPROACH #1: Revenue Return RateIf you use this approach, you decide that each dollar spent on your campaign should bring back, say, $10. Or $100. The amount is up to you. APPROACH #2: Cost as a Percentage of Sales With this approach, you benchmark the cost of your campaign as a percentage of sales generated. In other words, if you think that your campaign cost should be 5% of sales and your campaign cost is $500, then your campaign should produce $10,000 in sales. Your cards will work well if they meet or exceed the standards you have set, whether it's Approach #1 or Approach #2.

How To Tame The Buying Beast Inside Your Customer

What if you can understand and control your customer?s mind? What if you can influence, persuade and motivate your customers to buy from you? Well, I?m not talking about a magic trick or lay down a lesson of motivation. It?s about understanding the different reactions made by the human mind in various situations. I?m going to briefly discuss 3 key aspects of psychological secrets that you can apply in your promotion efforts for a certain increase in customer response. They are,

Is there anything new under the sun? Heres how to find out if your bright idea is unique.

?There?s nothing new under the sun? is probably the one phrase no inventor wants to hear, seldom believes, and is always trying to prove wrong.

Three Keys to Crafting Successful Print Ads

Want to create print ads that get results? Below are three keys to get you started.

What Colors Make Your Services Most Attractive?

This information is based on the principles of Laws of Attraction, Law of Allowing and Law of Deliberate Creation. And the Universal Laws of Energy (like attract likes) proven by Quantum Physics.

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Advertising Executive To Speak At SJA's Faculty Speaker Series
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The Evolution Of Gaming Advertising In China
The total games market revenue (for PC online, mobile and console games) in China exceeded $23 billion in 2015, yet advertising for games has been frowned upon societally until recently. Content is also more difficult to restrict when it is used on ...


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An Apple ad launch often creates a bit of a fanfare, and its latest, "Bulbs," for the new MacBook Pro, has already clocked up more than 1.7 million views on YouTube since its launch on November 17. The ad features a series of light bulbs bursting, in a ...


Native Advertising Will Provide A Quarter of News Media Revenue By 2018
Note instead that the survey, conducted by the International News Media Association and the Native Advertising Institute, found that 11% of media advertising revenue in 2015 came from native advertising. By 2018, that figure will be 25%, according to ...

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