Dayton, OH; Why your Company needs to expand there

In Ohio: besides the 3-Cs you should look at Akron, Dayton, Canton, Toledo, Youngstown and their suburbs. We have been serious studying these areas quite intensely for quite a while, here is what we found; Dayton OH, is looking up after the recent GM Plant received high ratings for productivity being able to beat the Domestic Averages for time to build cars and SUVs, it's SUV Plant was amongst the top performers in the Country for time to build at an average of 20.7 Hours, much better than the Ford Plants all expect F-150 and Taurus Models. Many new projects are happening in Dayton;

and even a visit from the President to kick off their huge Celebration of Inventing Flight with a huge air show featuring aerobatic teams and Blue Angles, Thunderbirds and Snow Birds from Canada. The second most attended aviation event in the United States. The one-cent sales tax hike has put money back on the States Budget but all taxes hurt jobs and sales in such a progressive state. People are upset everywhere and Taxes and Fees abound. Dayton, has pluses and minuses, it does have a new huge Civic Arts and Festival Center downtown, but things have not completely rebounded and there is urban flight to some of the more prosperous areas.

Dayton, OH has some big potential for National Companies wishing to expand outlets, some thing you may wish to consider. Of all the second tier cities we like Dayton and Akron the best for outlet expansion. The Southside suburbs of Dayton are really looking up. You will be amazed if you have not been there in a while.

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