6 Distribution Sites For Your Articles

A blog can never get the attention of everybody that’s why bloggers are exerting extra effort to get more traffic. Providing plenty of high quality content is important, but it doesn’t stop there. A blog post will never lose it’s worth once it has been published. You can spread out your articles to attract more readers. Here are some places where you can distribute your content to get more traffic:

1. Article directories. Article directories are websites that have collection of articles for distribution to different sites(by the use of content syndication). Majority of the directories permit bloggers to give their previously published articles. Traffic will come in by the use of the resource link that is included on your article. As a standard agreement in article directories, if a user decides to use one of your articles, the resource link should be kept intact.

2. Join different blogsites. Submit your published article to other blogs for a guest post. This system would surely create more traffic because the host blogger encourages their readers to also patronize the guest blogger’s website. You can also utilize your own passage of your published write ups when sending contributions to compilation blog posts, similar in a blog carnival.
3. Blog network. Several websites are handled by news feeds. These article syndicators are usually blog networks which compile blog posts that belong to a particular genre, such as food, travel, lifestyle, and tech. By joining a blog network, your blog posts are automatically ‘in’.Fellow bloggers in the same network will be encouraged to read your articles and would be enticed to follow your blog once you triggered their curiosity.

4. A blog in video form. Re-purpose your article into a video. People search for all sorts of things in YouTube, so why not tap that audience by turning your blog post into a visual masterpiece. Show a link that would get them to see your website.

5. Email list. These days, email lists are primarily used for promotions and up sells. But let’s not forget the underlying power of an email list: that’s direct audience reach with the chance of forwarding. By distributing a copy of your blog post in an email list, there’s an increased chance that more people will be aware of your blog. If the material is attention-grabbing, it will surely reach a milestone.

6. Reality. Bloggers are considered authors. It’s rare for a blogger to consider joining the field of publishing. Print media like journals and newspapers have available positions for contributors, so how about furnishing them a copy of your previous write ups?

Article distribution is a very important key for blog endorsement. This gives way to new traffic while still keeping your regular visitors engaged.

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