How Often Should You Blog?

how often you should blog

Do you think you update your blog frequent enough? Many bloggers don’t have a permanent schedule whenever they blog. However, if you have been visiting other bloggers’ site, you’ve seen their usual advice to post regularly. So that make us think: Is there a need to blog often?

Making an article eats a lot of time, and most of the bloggers don’t have much time to do it. To come up with quality write ups, a blogger makes preparation for his article, compose and then check on it prior to publishing it. Others opt to have more time because they desire to have high quality pictures included on their article. For example, if it’s a travel blog, the blogger must take pictures of the scenic spots that he is blogging; if it’s fashion blog, the blogger must include photos of trendy clothes.

A bloggers’ schedule is another thing to consider that greatly affects the updates of his blog. If blogging is not your full-time job, it’s going to be difficult to post daily when you have other things going on in your everyday life. Having mentioned that, daily blogging may not accommodate the schedule of several bloggers. Though, followers might lose interest when they see that there’s no new blog everyday.

So here’s the truth. It’s really the bloggers’ prerogative to squeeze updating of blog in his schedule. Blogs are not the same, but the leaders in the industry wants us to practice consistency. If you have the time to make a daily update on your blog, please do so. Your readers will look forward to your daily updates. But if daily updates would be very difficult to attain, then you can remain to have your bi-weekly or tri-weekly update.

By the time you get used to blogging, you’re probably running more than just one blog. Depending on your audience profile, you should be able to gauge if a blog is worth updating daily. Several articles need some time to get followers before a new blog achieve success. So there’s no reason why you should rush to post the following day.

Writing new articles as often as you can is a good sign. However,don’t consider blogging just to make your blog active. It’s important to choose quality over quantity of articles because in the end, its what the readers come back for.

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