Four Qualities A Travel Nurse Must Have In Order To Be Successful

By Josie Hampton

You may have a vague idea of what a travel nurse is and does. There is adventure, there is urgency, there is a fast-paced lifestyle, and there is excitement. Even though all of this is true, what does a traveling nurse really need to be successful in their jobs? The answer to this question will help you understand whether or not you’re cut out for the role, and to help you prepare for your job. Here are the four must-have qualities for a traveling nurse.

1. Sense of Adventure

One of the very most important qualities a traveling nurse has to have is a great sense of adventure. What does it mean to have a “sense of adventure,” though? It can mean a lot, but here are some practical ways that adventurousness will be revealed:

• You get excited at the prospect of traveling.

• You are thrilled to go somewhere, not knowing if you’ll have a comfortable bed or a hot shower.

• You embrace the unknown, and are unfazed by uncertainty in any situation.

• You’re the type of person who chooses exotic restaurants and strange-sounding menu items.

• You like surprise, variety, and change. If you have any level of adventure such as these, a job as a traveling nurse will give you lots of satisfaction.

2. Love for Other Cultures

Traveling nurses may serve in the Mojave Desert or in a Moroccan village. Many traveling nurse agencies give their nurses a choice as to where they can relocate. Whether you’re moving to a different area of the country, or to a different country altogether, you’ll get a taste for a fresh culture and new surroundings.

3. Desire to Travel

If you’ve always wanted to travel, here’s a job with “travel” in its very title. There is no question that you’re going to move. The only real question about moving is “where” and “how often” because healthcare organizations that need traveling nurses will have an endless variety of places you’ll be going.

4. Inability to Stay Still

Some people just can’t stay put. Every so often, they get the “travel itch,” and are off to seek adventure in some new place. Does this describe you? That “itch” is part of what it takes to be a traveling nurse. For most jobs, it is important to learn to stay put. You aren’t allowed to simply uproot and move to a different state. For traveling nurses, moving around is actually required.

Becoming a traveling nurse is an important career decision. Granted, it takes a special type of person to thrive and grow in this kind of job but if you’ve read through this article and keep feeling like it’s describing you, then odds are, you’re exactly the type of person a travel nurse should be.

Though being a travel nurse can be difficult on some, those with certain characteristics can truly thrive. Josie Hampton knows how difficult it can be to find the right travel nursing jobs without a good agency like Fastaff U.S. Nursing