Top 10 Remedies for Anxiety

Everybody goes through a period of stress and anxiety which is a emotional and mental condition, during his life and only the person who remains cool and calm and knows how to deal with it and overcome it, will emerge as a winner.

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Anxiety can lead to frustration, anger and can cause depression if not dealt with immediately. Drowning yourself in liquor is not the only solution to overcome anxiety. Knowing how to overcome stress will help you to achieve your goals and convert your dreams into reality. There are quite a number of over-the-counter medicines to reduce stress, but they might have side-effects and are not safe, and overdose can prove to be very harmful to your health. So, many people prefer to reduce anxiety through natural remedies which are safe. Now let’s take a look at the top 10 remedies to reduce anxiety and be happy.

1. Yoga and medication. The breathing techniques of Yoga, if practiced daily will help your mind and body to relax, thus reducing anxiety

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2. Consistent exercising. Exercising decreases the stress hormones called cortisol and releases neurotransmitters such as serotonin, nor epinephrine and dopamine to your brain which helps in reducing stress and anxiety and also helps to control your emotions.

Exercise calisthenics #2 © by Ed Yourdon

3. Making some changes in your lifestyle. Set aside sometime every day to relax with your family and friends

4. Intake of fish oil supplements. The Omega 3 found in fishes is an essential fatty acid that helps in reducing anxiety.

5. Reduce intake of caffeine because caffeine increases anxiety levels

6. Passion flower is a great anxiety reliever. It can be taken as a drink and it is also available in capsule form

Passion Flower © by Lenny Montana

7. Another effective anxiety reliever is valerian herbs which are available as capsules

8. Kava herb is another herb which can be taken for relieving anxiety

9. Make it a habit to take multi-vitamins tablet everyday as it is said reduce anxiety

10. Don’t be a workaholic. Work overload can create stress and tension. Try to relax with a book or by listening to music for at least an hour before retiring to bed

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