The NeatDesk Desktop Scanner And Digital Filing System Could Answer Your Clutter Issues

If you want to keep your papers in one simple inbox and eliminate the clutter in your office, NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System can do that for you. All your vital information can be secured and sorted intelligently with your digital filing cabinet. A 50-page file can be scanned or both sides of 10 invoices, 10 business cards or 10 documents at one time, from the removable input tray.

It is a really good and fast scanner for documents, but probably is not so great for images. It can read documents printed on both sides and scan them, quickly and in color. It will help you eliminate a lot of paper clutter, by reading receipts or documents, along with extracting the information. This lets you keep a clean copy of a bill that may have become wrinkled or worn. The scanner comes with a simple but powerful software program. An excellent feature of the scanner/software combo is the ability to load a lot of pages simultaneously and quickly scan them. Documents can be filing while they are being scanned. There’s a digital inbox where the scanned papers go into.

If you wish to merge more than one page, and generate one document, you can do it. To do this, you simply control-click the pages you want to combine and click combine on the screen then those pages become just one file. Once scanned in your personal computer, the files are searchable. Do a search for the term you want, and the right documents will be brought up, depending on what you are trying to find. If you bought something that you want to look for, it is very handy. If you have online statements, you could save them as PDF files and store them in your filing system. Much like the other documents, these will be searchable.

Lots of shoppers have their own view on how good this scanner is. This desktop scanner by NeatDesk works perfectly for some people and not good in the least for other people. People purchase things for specific reasons so the expectations will be different for every individual. Just before getting this product you need to do more research to determine if it fits your needs. Even though it is far from the cheapest scanner out there, it does cost less than some other brands with similar features.

It might end up that the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System is what you absolutely need. Or you might find that it isn’t what you are looking for.