The Garmin Nuvi 3790T GPS Rides The Wave of Technology

By Kathy Jenkins

We will be discussing the Garmin Nuvi 3790T GPS, but you should explore your basic needs. If you are new to the world of GPS, Global Positioning System, technology, then there can be a lot to become familiar with if you are in the market. First of all, you have to ask your self why you want one and what is the main use for it. Some cars come with a built-in GPS but that is not the norm. So, are you traveling cross country or regionally, or do you want one that is hand-held and mainly for walking? These are important questions and the answers will help you to narrow the field.

One feature that does capture attention is the new touchscreen, capacitive glass variety, and you can use pinching action for zooming in either direction. If you have an Android or iPhone, then you may notice the Nuvi 3790T multi-touch function is not quite as advanced as your phone. By that we mean the effect does not seem to be as completely smooth and seamless; however, it does not detract from the manner of operation or effect. One slight drawback is the absence of light sensors for adjustments to ambient lighting conditions. On the other hand that is aptly compensated for by the very high quality of the screen display. When space is a prime consideration, then sometimes you have to make concessions in other areas. We are not at all sure if this was the case with the Nuvi 3790T, but it is always a possibility. For example, this unit does not perform quite as fast as other Garmin GPS units. Specifically, signal capture times seemed just a little bit slower than other units from the company. We do understand there could have been other external factors at play. But it is not like it was tested only one time and at one location. One other consideration worth noting is the route algorithm did seem to be taking cues from primary travel routes and not necessarily local, secondary routes. The effect was to add more time since that is often the case when driving by using main roads, only.

Garmin still offers its Real View Advanced Lane Guidance system in its Nuvi 3790T GPS. If you are unfamiliar with the Garmin units, this is a function that will display the real life images of the road and the surrounding areas. The signs are also just like what you see in real life. On the major roads, interstates and others, these many applications of this feature will be helpful.

As well as technologically up to date, this GPS Nuvi 3790T by Garmin is incredibly versatile too. It is so versatile it can even be used away from the city for hiking as well as for all your driving needs or walking about any town or city. The desirability of this unit is created not only because of its multitude of applications and uses, but also because it comes from the known entity, Garmin.

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