Why Monsoon Season Are The Best Time To Visit Kerala?

Kerala’s natural beauty attracts thousands of tourists every year. Because of the Western Ghats, Kerala is a state with a pleasant climate throughout the year with rainy days and sunny days and two monsoons, the South West Monsoon and the North East Monsoon.
western ghats
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Going to Kerala during the monsoon seasons is a real thrilling, enjoyable and an unforgettable experience. Of-course, the monsoon season means ‘rain’, but that does prevent the tourists from visiting this state to experience the thrill of rains and enjoy the greenery of this beautiful place.

The South west Monsoon known as ‘Edavappathy’ because it starts in the middle of the Malayalam month Edavam, starts by the 1st of June. This is the main rainy season and after the scorching heat of summer, the Keralites welcome monsoon with a smile. Kerala receives the highest percentage of rain during this monsoon. The monsoon plays a very important role in Kerala agricultural economy. If the monsoon does not arrive on time, this will adversely affect the agriculture and the farmers. The agricultural output and the overall economic growth of this state depend on the South West Mon soon. A good monsoon will naturally increase the production of crops, which in turn will bring down the prices of vegetables and other commodities, thus bring an overall development to the economy. A failure in the South West Monsoon, will not only affect the agricultural production, but will also bring about water shortage and electricity shortage.  It rains for hours, and sometimes continuously for 2-3 days, with occasional interlude of the sun.

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The second monsoon, the North East Monsoon, hits Kerala around the middle of October. This monsoon is known as the ‘Thulavarsham’ because it arrives in the Malayalam month Thulam. But this season is not only rainy, but the rains are accompanied by thunder and lightening.

Although monsoon means rains, it does not confine the people indoors. The dust-free, clean, fresh and beautiful surroundings, are enjoyed by the keralites, especially the children who loves to get wet and sail paper boats. Apart from the lush, green, natural beauty of Kerala, and the romantic sound of rains, many tourists and honey-moon couples visit Kerala during the monsoon period is the discounts on hotel rooms, boat-house etc. The Kerala Government is taking various steps to increase tourist flow into Kerala during the monsoon seasons, and they are planning out various monsoon campaigns to lure the tourists. There are quite a number of Kerala Monsoon Packages, like Kerala Tour Packages, Monsoon Honey-moon Packages and Monsoon Ayurveda Packages.

For those who are interested in Ayurveda treatments, then the monsoon period is the best time to visit Kerala, when the treatment is said to be very effective.  ‘Ayurveda’ is the system of healing by using the principles of nature, and the massages and oil baths, makes a person’s body and mind, healthy. The Ayurveda packages are available in hotels, resorts, hospitals and various Ayurvedic centers throughout the country.

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If you love the rain and want to enjoy a wonderful holiday with Ayurveda treatment and delicious food, in a neat, beautiful place, then visiting Kerala during the monsoons, will be an excellent decision.

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