Abstract thought on Business Strategy and Nature

Here is an abstract thought on studying nature and the natural order of things; things which work to help you better understand and strategize in business, war, sports or military operations. Let's compare the methods of distribution of organic viruses to all other more obvious distribution methods.

Virus Vectors are extremely interesting. As the CDC studies Ebola, Yellow Fever, West Nile, Small Pox, Malaria and Bacteria situations and e. Coli, salmonella and so many other problems we face in our soft shell bodies. They often first look for the vectors of spreading. After reading the books about these things and studying the genomes of Wasps, ants, Mosquitoes one can start to see similarities in team sports plays, brand marketing strategies, word of mouth grass roots marketing, war games and even politics. Then looking at the mass transit, transportation companies, food distribution systems, QSR franchise location proliferation, Food Processing protections; it is obvious us humans understand how to control distribution systems, delivery methods and scoring goals in sports thru teamwork.

Fighting a disease or limiting a vector is like using the full backs to stop the offensive team from scoring on your goal. To fight a disease from spreading we must modify its game strategy, but watch carefully that it does not modify its strategy and find other avenues. West Nile hitches a ride on Migratory Birds. The Mosquitoes are becoming immune to pesticides and resistant to other attempts to limit breeding, killing eggs and fogging areas. In studying the ways that Microsoft was able to control its distribution chain, much to the chagrin of the FTC they prevented the new entrants in the market from using their distribution channels to defeat them.

The competition on the other hand tried everything to use that distribution channel including changing the rules of business via calling in the government to assist. Microsoft created the distribution channels in the first place and Netscape was a Garage Start-up with Half a billion in venture capital and could have created their own distribution system, instead of complaining to the government to attack their competition. In any case we may find that the ways that government obstructs such flows of things in education. So in this case we can consider the start-up the virus and Microsoft the human immune system. The Champion team prevailed and the defeated team was unable to score. Think about it.

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