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Tools for Customizing Great Plains

Microsoft Business Solutions ? Great Plains has captured the US market with its integrated business applications for small and mid-size organizations. Its comprehensive accounting and business management capabilities provide businesses with tools to customize various modules of the Great Plains software. These tools have been proven to have contributed to business growth and tighter control over its processes.

Algebra Help Software

Need help making sense of algebra? Have algebra lectures in your classroom left you scratching your head and wondering: ?How on earth did they get that answer?? Do not despair, because help is at hand. AlgebraSolver from Softmath can make all the pieces of the algebra puzzle fall into place, improving your grasp of the subject with step-by-step problem solving that demonstrates exactly how a solution has been reached.

How To Develop Software For Your Business

Software development is a risky business.

How To Make Good Use of Spreadsheets

Most computer users use spreadsheets software such as Microsoft Excel in their daily home and office. However very few are aware of the potential of spreadsheets in helping them in financial accounting and statistical analysis.

Make or Break Factors - When Considering Estimating Software

Make-or-Break Factors in Success and Profitability

Microsoft Great Plains: Manufacturing or Bill of Materials - Overview for IT Specialist

Microsoft Great Plains is main Microsoft Business Solutions product, targeted to mid-size companies. Currently Microsoft is in progress of transforming several ERP products it has: Microsoft Great Plains, Solomon and Navision into several business suites - Microsoft Financial, Microsoft HR, Microsoft Manufacturing, Microsoft Logistics.

How To Identify, Cure and Prevent Spyware/Adware Infections

Just when you thought you were Web savvy, one more privacy, security, and functionality issue crops up ? spyware. Installed on your computer without your consent, spyware software monitors or controls your computer use. It may be used to send you pop-up ads, redirect your computer to websites, monitor your Internet surfing, or record your keystrokes, which, in turn, could lead to identity theft.

Three Steps To Windows Safety Heaven

Now there are Three Steps To Heaven Just listen and you will plainly see How virus and hackers attack and destroy Your precious internet-connected computer toy Just follow steps one, two and three

Computer Phones ? Facts and Fallacies

The stakes are high when considering security, privacy, and savings, and the old adage, ?look before you leap? might be a more judicial approach when searching for a computer phone provider, aka VoIP (voice over internet protocol).

The Truth about Colossus: Are You Just A Magnetic Image?

What is Colossus?

A Time-Saving Programming Tactic that Doesn?t Work

Let?s say that you have a software project that?s under severe time pressure. Let?s say that this deadline is so tight that you already know it will involve many late nights of black coffee and frenetic programming. What can you do to make this process go faster?

Accessing XML Using Java Technologies

The most important benefit of XML is its simplicity. Though it is simple it is powerful enough to express complex data structures. Java is one of most important programming languages that is used for creating your web pages.

Why Stick With Email Clients Like Outlook?

Trying to figure out a stream in banning one email client or another is no easy job. As soon as somebody rises up saying Outlook is bad, somebody else comes saying it's good and the other one is bad. And the story goes on and on.

Running a Program on a Remote Server Using SSH

How do you run a program on a remote server using ssh?

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