30 Solutions to improve Cleanliness in Indian Railways

indian railway platform
  1. TTEs should make more visits inside the trains so that they can catch people traveling without ticket
  2. There should be a fine on littering/spitting on stations and inside the train
  3. Install more garbage bins on the railway stations and inside the trains
  4. The cleaning staff needs to be made accountable for their work
  5. One of the cleaning staff should travel the entire length of train with open dustbin in trolley, so that each passenger can just drop the waste without having to accumulate in the coach
  6. Cleaning of stations and trains must be outsourced to private industry with service level contracts
  7. Cleaning of the bogies and stations should be done under proper supervision
  8. People should be sensitised about their fellow passengers
  9. Only valid ticket holders to be allowed inside the railway station
  10. Price of the platform tickets should could also be increased to control unnecessary entry by non-travellers
  11. Awareness campaigns should be organised
  12. Bio toilets should be scrapped and the ones like in aircrafts should be installed
  13. Toilets inside the trains should be cleaned after regular intervals
  14. People should be fined heavily for ticketing violations
  15. CCTV cameras should be installed and effective use should be made
  16. Sign boards should be put up at different places with the violation and fines printed on them
  17. The attendants and catering staff should be trained to create awareness among the passengers
  18. Smart cards for vendors & their staffs and coolies should be prepared to prevent unauthorised access
  19. Out-sourced agencies should be made more responsible & require strict inspection by railway authorities
  20. Beggars and unauthorized vendors should not be allowed inside the platform
  21. Passenger policy/rights should be posted inside the train
  22. A crackdown should be made on people without tickets/platform tickets
  23. Elaborate advertisements in TV & Radio should be done to spread awareness
  24. Government should release a series of such educational videos for the schools, colleges, TV stations
  25. Use of toilets to be restricted while trains halt in railway stations
  26. Sewage collection & better disposal methods should be found
  27. Display videos on civic sense at stations Price of the platform tickets should be increased to control unnecessary entry by non-travellers.
  28. Entry of passengers into the stations should be allowed only 1 hour before the departure time of the train
  29. All smoking, pan masala, guthka shops should be banned on stations
  30. TTEs should be given the dual responsibility of checking tickets and overseeing cleanliness inside the trains

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Source: Swachh Bharat campaign of Ministry of Urban Development Government of India.