16 Causes for lack of cleanliness in Indian Railways

  1. Railways has become too large an organization to be managed by the Government
  2. Cleanliness standards set for the railway employees to follow are very low
  3. The sense of cleanliness/ hygiene among the general public is missing
  4. The stations/platforms cater to huge numbers and hence become tough to manage
  5. Lack of accountability of cleaning staff, faulty/negligent auditing system
  6. Lack of awareness and civic sense
  7. Lack of sense of hygiene
  8. Not enough dustbins on the stations and inside the train
  9. Insensitivity towards fellow passengers
  10. No fine/punishment for civic offences
  11. Al lot of people are plain ignorant
  12. Passengers know that the TTE hardly ever comes in the general class and hence they don’t feel the need to purchase tickets
  13. Number of people traveling in the trains is far more than the capacity
  14. Railways still has a very old style of working
  15. A large population of people is still uneducated
  16. Railways caters to a very large population and it becomes tough to regulate them

indian railway platform


Source: Swachh Bharat campaign of Ministry of Urban Development Government of India.