Kerala- The Hub For Advanced Dental and Ayurvedic Health Care For Tourists

One of the most bountiful states in India which has been blessed by Nature to the maximum is Kerala. Geographically a very small state, Kerala is so rich in flora and fauna, that it seems truly to represent the nickname “God’s Own Country” to the fullest. It is then no wonder that the state has its doors wide open for the different people of the world to view it and experience the natural beauty of Kerala. Today Kerala is on the world map not only geographically but also for its advanced medical treatments especially in the area of Ayurveda and the dental treatment.

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The popularity of this form of treatment which is Ayurveda has been utilized today by the Government and private agencies by making it a tourist attraction. There are a large number of Auyurvedic hospitals and health resorts which cater to tourists in a very grand manner to encourage tourism and Ayurvedic form of treatment at the same time. Today under the term “health tourism”, a large population of the world visit Kerala every year to experience some of the most exotic and invigorating system of treatment. Though considered to be quite hot in summer, the climate in general is very moderate. The monsoons are the backbone of the state with it depending on the rich monsoons for its power generation and its agricultural needs. A number of dams add to the tourist attraction and most of them have an attached health resorts especially catering to the needs of the tourists.

Ela Kizhi (Pathra Potala Swedam) - ayurveda treatment
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Besides Ayurveda, the other facility that tourists coming to Kerala a provided with is the highly sophisticated Dental clinics and hospitals which has now come under the purview of Dental tourism. Modern clinics which are well equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery, the dental care in Kerala is now known worldwide and people are encouraged to visit Kerala with the sole intention of receiving this dental care. So, today most tour and travel agencies all over the world provide dental tourism packages to tourists who flock into Kerala every year, for their dental as well as Ayurvedic treatments. Moreover, considering that the international standards are maintained in these dental clinics in Kerala, it is indeed very surprising to note that these dental care clinics are highly affordable in comparison so the cost of dental care worldwide.

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Though agriculturally, Kerala is known for its cash crops like the different spices, rubber, coir and coffee, today another facet has been added to the state which is the health care tourism. The lush green farmlands and the mountains added to the calm and composed backwaters make a tourists visit to Kerala highly enriching and exciting. The development of the tourism industry in Kerala has got a boost with the inclusion of the health care facilities. A few days spent in the backwaters on houseboats can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul and though the Ayurveda treatment is one of the oldest in the world, it is indeed a treatment that makes you a new ‘you’.